Saturday 6 September 2014

Checking out happenstance Cafe

This has been in my draft for the longest time and I never even realised it. haha.. 

The cafe does give me a cozy feel. It has a longish area for the dogs to play around. Amber and Tazzy could actually play fetch. haha.. And I think it is a pretty good idea for them to have a fenced up area. Dogs can eat in there to avoid fights. NN treated it as a play area for her. Go in and out with the dogs. 

I tried roasted chicken and truffle fries. Truffle fries is my soft spot! haha.. Who can resist truffle fries?! Yummy yummy. Roasted chicken is just nice for me and NN as I am trying to avoid carbs! They are also very nice to exhange the sides to cherry tomatoes. This.. is nn's soft spot. haha. 

They also have a make-your-own pasta menu but I feel that there are too little choices. bb tried and said it's a bit too bland. I think she tried something with cream sauce. (Too long ago, couldn't remember what exactly she ate). Maybe next time I will try the Aglio Olio

Dogs' menu is also make-your-own. Amber and Tazzy had beef with potato and chicken with carrots. They love it but portion is a little too small for big dogs. I think they will need 2 portions to serve as a meal. 

I will go again but on weekdays because I think parking will be a nightmare during weekends with a lot of eateries around. 

Address of Happenstance :
35 Opal Crescent


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