Monday, 22 September 2014

Venture new place

How do I think my dogs' lives should be? Eat.. Play.. Sleep.. Run… Swim.. But sadly, it is really not easy to find big fields with not many people around in Singapore. Everywhere is tall buildings. Don't we have enough malls? Can the government leave some nature, leave some fields and parks for the kids and animals. We do have a few dog runs but but but I don't really like to bring my dogs to dog runs because of my unpleasant experiences. 

Anyway, Bidadari is closed, so it's time to venture for new space for the furries to run. And….*drum rolling* we found it! hehe.. hint hint : Somewhere located at the Northeast side… 

Amber… what are you doing hiding there with Zegna?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

my little models

They have become models! haha.. Ok, other than magazine shoots, it is the 1st time they shoot for an apparel brand. 

I have been to Elly and they do carry very sweet dresses. They design their own clothes and also  matching outfits for siblings as well but but but bb is too big for those sweety cutey dresses. Never mind, nn can have all the dresses. haha.. 

Elly is located at 

501 Bukit Timah Road,
 #02-29, Cluny Court

I would also like to take this chance to thank them for donating on behalf of Amber to GRCS as well. GRCS has in turn donated the sum of money to SOSD to help Lassie and Randa. 

Checking out happenstance Cafe

This has been in my draft for the longest time and I never even realised it. haha.. 

The cafe does give me a cozy feel. It has a longish area for the dogs to play around. Amber and Tazzy could actually play fetch. haha.. And I think it is a pretty good idea for them to have a fenced up area. Dogs can eat in there to avoid fights. NN treated it as a play area for her. Go in and out with the dogs. 

I tried roasted chicken and truffle fries. Truffle fries is my soft spot! haha.. Who can resist truffle fries?! Yummy yummy. Roasted chicken is just nice for me and NN as I am trying to avoid carbs! They are also very nice to exhange the sides to cherry tomatoes. This.. is nn's soft spot. haha. 

They also have a make-your-own pasta menu but I feel that there are too little choices. bb tried and said it's a bit too bland. I think she tried something with cream sauce. (Too long ago, couldn't remember what exactly she ate). Maybe next time I will try the Aglio Olio

Dogs' menu is also make-your-own. Amber and Tazzy had beef with potato and chicken with carrots. They love it but portion is a little too small for big dogs. I think they will need 2 portions to serve as a meal. 

I will go again but on weekdays because I think parking will be a nightmare during weekends with a lot of eateries around. 

Address of Happenstance :
35 Opal Crescent

Monday, 1 September 2014

Its official!

Again I neglected this blog…. =( But I have to record this down because it's official that Tazzy will be part of our family. 

After a few discussion with Tazzy ex-owner (J), we both feel that it will be the best for Tazzy if he is with me. J's little girl is doing ok so far. Still undergoing treatments but there is a high chance of relapse especially within these 5 years. It will be good for J if she is able to focus on her little girl. Seriously, all those chemo, translplant, radiation, side effects, long term effects, it is really really not easy for them especially when its at a very tender age of 1. 

We are also very bonded with Tazzy and it won't be easy for us if he were to leave. But now, Tazzy and Amber will grow old together. They will go for play dates together, swim together, eat and sleep together. But they won't have puppies because both of them are sterilised. They are siblings now!! No funny acts. haha

Ok, there will be many many more photos of Amber and Tazzy to come! 

Monday, 30 June 2014


It has been a month since we foster Tazzy. We were all trying to get used to one another's lifestyle as much as we can. 1 thing I am glad to have changed him is his toiler habits. haha.. He used to do all his business on pee tray only but now, he can do both outdoor and indoor. =) And he knows what is "pee pee". The initial stage was really a nightmare. He seemed to be afraid to step on grass and he didn't know what to do when he was on grass. So I waited and walked and waited and walked. He could hold everything for more than 12 hours and still not do anything when he was on grass. Finally, nightmare is over. haha.. 

Amber didn't quite like him staying here at first. She totally ignored his presence. According to the animal communicator I asked, Amber didn't like him to go near her at 1st. But slowly, she opened up for him. Partly because he is also a tame and quiet boy. Now, they are best buddies. They can play from day to night. I am glad that both of them have each other as companion too. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Clubpets cover page shoot!

I have been praying for good weather today because it's nn and Amber's 1st cover page photoshoot. They did appear on magazines but it's either using my photos or not on the cover page. hehe.. Excited! 

I think nn was more excited than me because it was the 1st time that she put on makeup. haha.. And for me, it was actually very tiring changing them, getting their attention, etc. Didn't feel so tiring when I was the photographer. haha.. But it was a good experience. Can't wait to see the Sept issue of Clubpets magazine!

photography by Avenue 8
hair & makeup by Andrea Lai
*thank you Sherlyn for sending me some of the behind the scene photos*

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